Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing space, the process begins with your appliances. If you have already selected new appliances or elect to utilize the existing, we can move forward to the interview and design process.



Full Service Remodeling/Homeowners With An Eye For Design

Large or small project, reach out to schedule a house call. It’s best if we are able to see the space you would like to transform. A trained eye early in the process has proven to be extremely proactive, providing valuable direction and advice that might otherwise be over looked without a site visit.

Typical house calls last from 1 ½ to 2 hours depending upon the complexity. Field measurements and pictures are taken. We then address many areas from appliances, styles/finishes, countertops, storage needs, work flow changes, anticipated investment as well as renovation ideas.

The house call and first design are complimentary with the understanding we come to the meeting as partners. Prior to, utilize our gallery, Houze, Pinterest, or other wed sources to generate some inspirational ideas or sketches. With your preparation and our experience we often times produce pleasing layouts and realistic estimates within a weeks’ time.


Full Service Remodeling/Interior Designer assisted

Have a designer you prefer to work with or need a recommendation? We can accommodate both. 

Talented interior designers bring clarity and direction to a project that may seem overwhelming to some homeowners or who may not have the proper time to dedicate to the project.

The process is similar to how it’s described above, only the designer now becomes the liaison for the customer. They will gather all the relevant information we would have discussed and relay to us to render. Design services come with a fee, typically based on billable hours or a percentage of the project based on their participation. We prefer this service be negotiated between the customer and the designer, thus remaining outside Focal Point’s estimate.


New Construction

Building a new home? Congratulations!! Let’s meet you and the builder to look at the plans and begin the same process covered above. If we are not familiar with your builder, we will want to understand their processes and your expectations before we begin. 

• What’s your time line for the build?

• What brings you to FPC? Who do we thank for the referral?

• Is there a pre-determined appliance package or are you free to select?

• Are you working with a designer?

• Are we designing with an allowance? If so, do you think you will be able to fulfill your wish list with the budget? Are willing to exceed the allowance?

Answers to pre build questions will allow us define your specific needs and produce realistic a design and budget in a timely manner.

Pre Cabinet Install


Whether a new build or large remodel, proper project management is critical. When remodeling, we are sensitive to the fact we are disrupting the family hub. FPC maintains a “one project at a time” approach to closely monitor the day to day progress and quickly remedy any unforeseen short falls to maintain completion expectations.

A time line is established, materials are procured and trade partners are scheduled. Proper protection to adjacent areas are installed and the project begins. Prior to the cabinet install, during the renovation we will be on site meeting with our trade partners to ensure the new design is understood. Elevation drawings are posted on all walls and the new layout is drawn on the floor for proper electrical, plumbing, HVAC and lighting locations.

Pre Cabinet Install

New Build

Often times the finished cabinetry designs differ from the original architectural plans. It is critical that FPC becomes a second set of eyes for your builder, relaying the revisions to the trade partners building the home. Site meeting are held during slab, block, interior framing and mechanicals to ensure windows, walls, electrical and plumbing are located properly the first time. To further convey this, cabinetry elevations are posted on all areas receiving cabinets as well as floor plan layouts on the slab.

Per the builders schedule we will deliver the cabinetry for installation. Typically after the house has been secured and interior painting and flooring have been completed.

Cabinet Installation

Whether a new home or remodel, things are beginning to take shape. Pre cabinetry finishes are in and the vision is becoming reality. 

FPC has been built from the field up. Thirty years of installation experience is utilized, integrating cabinetry that needs to be installed perfectly plumb, square and level into an imperfect environment. This is critical for proper fit and finish of appliances, back splash tile and countertops. New construction or remodel, walls are rarely plumb or straight, floors and ceilings are not level. With is recognized during our field measure, and pre install preparation, we bring a proactive approach and an elevated skill set to incorporate prior rough trades with finished materials making these issues virtually disappear. 

If we are working with your builder, he or she will assume the following responsibilities following the cabinet installation.

Depending upon the project size, our cabinet installations typically takes two to seven days. At this point, an appointment has been scheduled to template the counter tops. Expect counter top turnaround to be seven to ten days. We now call for the back splash tile if applicable, followed by plumbers and electricians to bring the new space to life. Last, appliances, its best to keep the appliances off site (if new) for work space and damage reasons. 

A final touch ups are completed, followed by a final cleaning.